National Automotive Insurance Company

List of Car Insurance Companies

Below you’ll see a long list of 101 car insurance companies that you can compare to assist you get the best deal.
– A.C.N. 000 141 051 Limited
– AA Underwriting Limited
– Admiral Insurance Company Limited
– AIG Europe Limited
– Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited
– Allianz Suisse Insurance Company
– Amlin Insurance SE
– Amtrust Europe Limited
– Arch Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
– Ashdowns Limited
– Assurant General Insurance Limited
– Astrenska Insurance Limited
– Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company
– Atlantic Mutual International Limited
– Automobile Association Underwriting Services Ltd
– Aviva Insurance Limited
– Aviva International Insurance Limited
– Axa Insurance Ltd
– AXA Insurance UK Plc
– BA (GI) Limited
– Baloise Insurance Ltd
– Beaufort Insurance Company Limited
– Bee Diseases Insurance Limited
– Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd
– Bestpark International Limited
– Bimeh Iran Insurance Company (UK) Limited
– Bosworth Run-Off Limited
– Brampton Insurance Company Limited
– British Reserve Insurance Company Limited
– Budget Insurance Company Limited
– BUPA Insurance Limited
– Catalina London Limited
– Catalina Worthing Insurance Limited
– Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
– Centrewrite Limited
– China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd
– CHUBB European Group Limited
– Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE
– Churchill Insurance Company Limited
– CIS General Insurance Limited
– City Insurance Company
– Clal Insurance Company Limited
– CNA Insurance Company Limited
– Colbourne Insurance Company Limited
– Community Reinsurance Corporation Limited
– Congregational & General Insurance Public Limited Company
– Cornish Mutual Assurance Company Limited
– CovÃa Life Limited
– CX Reinsurance Company Limited
– Domestic & General Insurance Plc
– Endurance Worldwide Insurance Limited
– Equitas Insurance Limited
– Equitas Limited
– Equitas Reinsurance Limited
– Federal Insurance Company
– Fenton Insurance Company Limited
– Gresham Insurance Company Limited
– Gringolet Company Limited
– Heddington Insurance (U.K.) Limited
– Highway Insurance Company Limited
– Inceptum Insurance Company Limited
– Indemnity Guarantee Assurance Limited
– KX Reinsurance Company Ltd
– Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co (UK) Limited
– Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited
– National Casualty Company
– National Casualty Company of America Limited
– Nationale-Nederlanden Internationale Schadeverzekering Limited
– Nationwide General Insurance Company
– Navigators Insurance Company
– Navigators International Insurance Company Ltd
– Newline Insurance Company Limited
– Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd
– NPA Insurance Limited
– NRG Victory Reinsurance Limited
– QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited
– QBE Re (Europe) Limited
– R&Q Alpha Company Limited
– R&Q Gamma Company Limited
– R&Q Reinsurance Company (UK) Limited
– RAC Insurance Limited
– River Thames Insurance Company Limited
– RiverStone Insurance (UK) Limited
– Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
– Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company of Europe Ltd
– The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Ltd
– Unionamerica Insurance Company Lim
– United Kingdom Freight Demurrage and Defence Association Limited
– United Kingdom Mutual War Risks Association Ltd
– Wausau Insurance Company (UK) Limited
– West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (London) Ltd
– XL Insurance Company SE

Top Car Craft Repairs

When it comes to car craft repairs in the modern age, there is only one team in town worth your time. This service is competent, professional, and has been around for a long time as a proven entity.


It starts with diligence and being able to put in the time to make sure the repairs are done thoroughly. The methodical processes attached to repairs means it is important to go with those who care about your needs. This team is always on top of things and will make sure to learn about your needs in advance. This is a good way to progress towards a great repair in a timely manner.

The diligent work of this company is what stands out in comparison to anyone else in the area.


Being able to go with a service that is experienced will always be on your mind as a client. The vehicle has to be treated with a tremendous amount of care and this begins with the professionals working for you. These professionals will be some of the best in town and will realise what it takes to do a great job. As soon as the repairs begin, they will analyse the vehicle and make sure it is brought back to how it was before the trouble started. By choosing an experienced service, you are gaining access to the finest pros!

Quick Repairs 

Don’t like the idea of waiting around for repairs to be done on your vehicle?

The waiting period can be awful for those who are looking to get things done in a timely fashion and want to push towards other things in their routine. If that is something you are able to relate to then it’s time to work with a service that has your best interests in mind. These repairs will be done based on a set timeline that is pre-determined by both parties. As a result, you are able to sit back as the timeline is followed to a tee.

Certified Assistance 

With the best car craft repairs, it is always going to come back to certification and general qualifications. Being able to go to a repair service that has years of certified expertise is a major positive for those who want the best. The qualifications will help ensure they know what to do and will be able to produce great results as soon as the process begins.

Anyone that is serious about the assistance that is on offer will feel in control of what is happening here. This is what makes it an unbelievable solution!


Premium-Grade Solutions 

What type of parts are used during the repairs?

Your vehicle has to be treated with complete respect and that includes making use of great parts along the way. If the right parts aren’t used, how is the vehicle going to remain in good shape as time goes on? It will not and that is a major worry for car owners. If a client is looking to come in and get work done on their vehicle then it has to be treated with respect.

This service provider makes sure that is the case and will only offer premium-grade parts during the repair.


What makes this a unique repair service in comparison to anyone else on the open market?

You will be going with a service that is fully insured and is protected when it comes to any issues that arise. You will feel safe knowing this is a legitimate enterprise and has been around for a long time as a world-class service provider. By going with the best, you are able to pick from all of the options that are available and this is what makes it such an outstanding fit. They also cover vehicle repairs through car insurance policies.  You will always get the best repairs here!

Committed Team 

Commitment is a primary requirement when it is time to choose a repair service. The reason so many teams are now looking at this option as their go-to solution has to do with the commitment that is on offer. This commitment is essential for anyone that is serious about what is out there and how well it is going to work for them.

The commitment is going to be seen in all phases of the repair whether it’s the initial planning or the final testing. Clients will feel secure from start to finish with this team and that is what makes it an incredible service.


Going with a proven team is one of the best things a car owner can do and the same applies to this service. You are getting a team that has been helping clients for decades and has a feel for what a job well-done means. Anyone that is serious about repair work on their vehicle will know it starts here.

The proven nature of this service will lead to exceptional results and everything is going to work the way it is supposed to. This is a great way to bring everything back to up speed in a few days!

When it comes to the best car craft repairs, there is no one better than this team. The job is going to be handled with tremendous care and the services will be rendered professionally. Clients are able to settle in and feel confident as the repairs unfold. This is a great way to bring your car back to how it was.

Understanding Motor Car Insurance

Motorcar insurance can be complicated and difficult to understand. It is absolutely essential to have a good grasp of the terminology that is used as well as the terms and conditions that apply to a specific policy. In addition, the fine print should never be overlooked.

1. Understanding The Terms 

The terms of your car insurance refer to the cover you will receive for the payment that you have made over a specified period of time. For example, if you pay a monthly rate or premium, you will be covered for that month according to the cover that is provided by the policy. If you fail to make a payment, your cover will immediately cease. The cover will only resume once you are up to date with all your payments. Find out also how you can get motor car insurance for less online.

Different types of cover are available from basic liability to full or comprehensive auto insurance. These terms will be covered in depth below.

2. Understanding The Conditions 

Certain conditions apply to the coverage that is provided by a policy. These conditions are basically the rules that need to be followed in order for coverage to be awarded when you need it. They also include restrictions or limitations that may be applied. For example, if you take out a policy that provides €300.00 liability insurance, it will only pay a maximum of €300.00 to an injured third party.

Conditions may also apply to a co-payment or deductible relative to a claim. If you claim €500.00 for damages to your vehicle and your deductible is €50.00, you will only receive an amount of €450.00 from your insurance provider to cover your costs. The remaining amount will need to be paid by you.

There may also be conditions as to the safety and security of the vehicle. Your car may need to be parked in a safe and secure area or have an alarm/anti-hijacking device in order for cover to be awarded. If the vehicle is stolen and these conditions have not been met, you may not be able to enter a claim. Another example of a condition may be that a claim will not be met if it is found that you were driving while intoxicated when the car was in a collision.

It is absolutely crucial to understand all the conditions of your insurance policy. Even if you have taken out comprehensive insurance, it does not necessarily mean that you will be covered in all eventualities.

3. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance (also called third-party insurance), is to cover you in the event that you are held liable (responsible) for the expenses resulting from injuries or damages to another person, normally in the event of an automobile accident. This provision of the policy will cover liability in the event that you caused or were responsible for the accident that resulted in a claim. Liability claims from companies such as Pembroke Insurances will normally be paid directly to the injured party. Remember that you may still be responsible for paying the deductible to the third party.

4. Collision Cover 

This provides for the damages that are caused to your vehicle in the event of an accident where you were at fault. In the event that you were not at fault, the other person should pay for the cost of repairs to your vehicle and may also be held responsible for any expenses related to injuries resulting from the collision. Normally their liability insurance will cover your costs.

If they do not have insurance, they can be held liable privately and you will be able to claim for your expenses in court if necessary. Unless the policy makes provision for an uninsured motorist, you will not be able to claim. If no-one was responsible for the accident, such as hitting a tree, collision cover will also apply.

5. Theft Cover 

This provision covers you in the event that your vehicle is stolen. Normally cover is provided in an amount that is equal to the value of the car at the time of the theft. Personal items such as a mobile phone or laptop that were in the car at the time of theft may also be covered.

A waiting period may apply before a claim will be paid out for theft. This is applied in the event that your motor vehicle may be recovered. Any damage to the vehicle that was caused by an attempted theft or if your car was found and returned to you should also be covered by this portion of the policy.

6. Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance 

Comprehensive car insurance provides for all the above-mentioned cover including liability, collision as well as theft. Some additional cover may apply such as fire and damage due to falling objects. However, it is important to ensure that all these provisions are covered in a comprehensive policy.

7. Exclusions 

These are any events or conditions that will not be covered by the insurance provider. For example, damage due to a natural disaster may be excluded. Collision damage may not be covered if the car was driven by a driver who is not covered by the policy. It is very important to ensure that you understand the conditions that are excluded by your auto insurance.

8. Claims 

A claim is made by you to your insurance provider when you need it to pay for expenses related to the terms and conditions that are covered. A claim will be awarded or paid when the terms and conditions have been met to cover the costs of damage to your vehicle and/or medical expenses of a third party.

9. Passenger Insurance 

You may be held liable for the cost of injuries to a passenger/s in your vehicle at the time of an accident if you were found to be at fault. This provision will cover the medical expenses of the passenger within the limits provided by the motor car insurance policy.

Understanding how your motor car insurance works is essential to ensuring that it meets your requirements as well as allowing you to get the greatest benefit from the cover that you are paying for.

3 Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

A savvy consumer is one that knows the ins and outs of what they are purchasing before they make a commitment. Unfortunately, the world of auto insurance can be a bit mystifying. It is also important to note that in relation to vehicle repairs, car insurance providers are essential for accidents. From common misconceptions to policies that might be hidden by unscrupulous insurance agents, there is a lot that you might not know about – or myths that you might believe to be the truth. In this article, we will tackle three of the most common auto insurance myths. Hopefully, this information will help you to make the best decision about your own coverage. This also applies to commercial insurance for van drivers.

Myth #1: You Can Only Shop Around When Your Current Policy Has Expired

Your insurance company may have given you the impression that you cannot cancel your policy with them until the term – usually six to twelve months of coverage – is over. This is simply false. You can cancel your policy with your insurance provider at any time, though you may be subjected to fees as determined by the policy provider. Before you switch, make sure that the fees you’d be paying do not exceed what you would be saving by switching before the end of your policy’s term.

Myth #2: If Someone Else Borrows Your Car, it Will Not be Covered if Damaged

Comprehensive coverage and collision insurance safeguard vehicle owners against this exact scenario. If your friend, for example, borrows your car and gets into an accident, your insurance policy will kick in and coverage will remain. The only time where this is not to be the case is if that friend is explicitly excluded from your policy.

So, your insurance policy will remain in effect even when a friend drives your car. This also means that if your friend gets into an accident while behind the wheel, your insurance premiums are likely to increase – just as if you had gotten into an accident while driving your own car.

Myth #3: You Automatically Pay Less for Insurance Once You Are 25

Generally speaking, individuals under the age of 25 are more expensive to insure. However, different insurance providers will have different policies about how to approach the subject of age. Some companies give a price break at 21, others at 30. While 25 years old is the general rule to go by, don’t count on your insurance following this common practice. They may offer a price break earlier or later than age 25.

How Can I Qualify for Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Most car insurance companies offer discounts for certain behaviors and strategies, though they often won’t go through the effort of telling you which discounts you qualify for. Why would they, if it means you have to pay them less per month, right? If your car insurance rates seem high for no reason or you’re simply curious to see if you qualify for any of the most common car insurance discounts, continue reading. We’ll break down the qualifications necessary to save big on car insurance.

How’s My Driving?

Some of the most common car insurance discounts relate to how well and how often you drive.

  • Good Driver Discounts: If you have no accidents or tickets of any kind for a certain number of years (the average is three, but it depends on the provider) you can likely get a reduction of your car insurance rates.
  • Defensive Driver Discounts: Not a whole lot of people get this one, because it entails taking a defensive driving course. This may need to be repeated each year so that you can keep the discount.
  • Reduced Mileage Discounts: Do you drive less than 10,000 miles in a year? Your insurance can probably go down!
  • Driver Training Discounts: Car insurance rates for individuals under 25 can be steep. These discounts apply to drivers 21 or younger who are taking driver training course that’s been approved by the insurance company.

Your Car Can Save You Money, Too

So, you’re a great driver with no accidents or tickets in recent years. Perhaps you’ve taken some of the training courses that will knock down your car insurance rates. But your savings can go even further if your car meets certain qualifications. That’s right – the driver and the vehicle can earn some serious discounts.

  • Green Discounts: If you drive a hybrid vehicle or any other kind of “green” vehicle, you may qualify for this discount.
  • Safety Discounts: The addition of certain safety features in vehicles can drive down insurance rates. Such features include airbags, lights that automatically run and anti-lock brakes.
  • Anti-Theft Discounts: If you install additional security features to your car, you can receive a small discount. Granted, this might not be a big enough discount to pay for the cost of the added security measures, but what’s the harm in making sure that your car is further protected from theft?

Your insurance provider may offer different discounts, or other ones that aren’t listed here. It is worth it, before you sign up with any insurance company, to have an understanding of what discounts you currently do qualify for, as well as which ones you may qualify for if you take some added steps.